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2014-07-18 動物倫理(2014教師研習2014.07)
2014-07-15 「人間佛教」的動保論述
2014-05-09 動物解放:過去、現在與未來 Animal Liberation: Past, Present and Future
2014-05-08 以老子思想探討動物倫理 Research into Animal Ethics in Lao-Tzu's thought
2014-05-08 動物解放與護生行動: 從關懷生命協會的角度來探討 The Animal Liberation and the Action of Life Protection: Discussion from the Standpoint of the Life Conservationist Association
2014-05-08 馬來西亞的動物福利法案: 從馬來西亞對動物實驗之關注所見證的宗教倫理與科學力量整合典範 The Animal Welfare Act in Malaysia: Synergising Religious Ethics and Science Capacities in the Care of Animal Testing in Malaysia
2014-05-08 日本對待動物的態度概說 General Attitude towards Animals in Japan
2014-05-08 論瑪莎‧納斯邦(Martha C. Nussbaum)的動物正義論 On Martha C. Nussbaum’s View of the Theory of Animal Justice
2014-05-08 「人類為本」與「眾生平等」 ──印順法師「人間佛教」觀點下的動物保護“Anthropocentricity” and “Equality of All Sentient Beings”: Animal Protection from Ven. Yinshun’s “Humanistic Buddhism” Point of View
2014-05-08 台灣動物保護法之危機與轉機The Crisis and the Turning Point of Taiwan’s Animal Protection Act
2014-05-08 論納斯邦之公義論與動物能力:儒家之評價與回應 On Nussbaum’s Theory of Justice and Animal Capabilities: A Confucian Evaluation and Response
2014-05-08 現代人的動物孤寂 The Animal Solitude of Contemporary Man
2014-05-08 生態桂冠詩人蓋瑞‧史耐德與其動物倫理觀The Poet Laureate of Deep Ecology Gary Snyder and His Animal Ethics
2014-05-08 Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, yet into an Even Darker Future? -the Stray Animal Problem under the Threat of Rabies in Taiwan 走過死蔭的幽谷,卻進入更黑暗的未來? ──談狂犬病疫情後的台灣的流浪動物問題
2014-05-08 撲殺動物作為疫情控制手段之倫理爭議: 觀察德語系國家如何運用強制性先決條件降低民眾的疑慮 Can the Killing of Animals for Disease Control Purposes be Ethically Acceptable? How the Use of Mandatory Preconditions Mitigates Public Concerns in German-speaking Countries
2014-05-06 「動物權」之哲學論述——什麼是動物權?動物權為何重要?Animal Rights: What They Are, and Why They Matter
2013-08-20 對動物實驗的強烈質疑
2013-08-17 傷天害理的動物實驗
2012-03-27 蟑螂也會痛嗎?──從無脊椎動物談動物權
2008-01-01 從雷根 (Tom Regan) 與辛格 (Peter Singer) 的觀點談動物安樂死 --- 以台灣大專院校動物保護社團學生義工社團談起