Publication of “Re-envisioning Animal Use in Education : Alternatives"

LCA has held several learning courses for the teachers. We find that many teachers believe that being capable of animal dissection is needed to become a doctor. With this myth and the low popularity of alternatives for animal use in education, it is not surprised that many teachers don’t know they have other choices than using live-animals. That’s why we published “Re-envisioning Animal Use in Education : Alternatives(在教育中看見動物福祉─動物實驗替代方案)” in 2016.

It is divided into three topics:

  • Introduce the practical cases happened in high school education and below. Clarify the myth that students major in medical science are capable of animal dissection. Furthermore, we give the readers the basic concept of laboratory animal welfare by explaining 3R(Replacement, Reduction, Refinement)and the Five Fs (five freedom). Remind readers and teachers to rethink the objectives of the courses and the role animals play in teaching.
  • Introduce the teaching experience which alternatives are implemented in Taiwan. For those who teach at senior high schools or below, the introduction of alternatives use, experience of leading biological science club, misuse of ether and unnecessary use of live-animal could be helpful. Moreover, there are practical training courses in which alternatives are implemented for veterinary science, life science, biotechnology and traditional Chinese medicine. We visited many experts and scholars in Taiwan. They provided their experience and knowledge to help us fulfill this part.
  • Introduce the policies, cases and internet resources of InterNICHE. Help readers understand what are alternatives and types of them, including videos, models, multimedia computer stimulations and so on.


The publication was published in late 2016. We got the government’s budget support and will deliver this new publication to all the junior and senior high schools located in Taiwan, summed up as 1822. Also, we introduced it in our learning courses for the teachers. It is now available on the official website and Animal Protection Education Platform.

In the future, we will continuously visit professors and report more real cases implemented with alternatives, and come out with new publication. Hopefully understand more about alternative loan system by InterNICHE, and then introduce for the necessity in Taiwan.






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