Appraisal finds a lack of legal standards at shelters

The Life Conservationist Association yesterday announced the results of its appraisal of animal rights and protection policies adopted by 21 local governments across the nation, revealing a lack of legal standards on animal-feed nutrition and living space. Hsinchu County did not provide information for the survey.

The unranked appraisal was conducted by a board of evaluators comprised of members from nongovernmental organizations, academics and civil servants, who graded municipal animal shelters according to five criteria: conditions at the shelters; self-management measures adopted by local animal protection authorities; the administrative level of authorities; accessibility to the public; and transparency of information.

The enforcement of an animal protection bylaw and establishing standards on the nutritional values of animal feed counted as bonuses, the association said.

Greater Tainan and Yilan County were the only areas graded “A+” in the evaluation.

Association employee Wang Rui-chien (王叡謙) said that Greater Tainan met the most requirements listed under each criterion and earned bonuses, whereas Yilan County, whose Animal Plant and Disease Control Center is next to a 661m2 beach and has its own plaza where dogs are taken for routine exercise, had a competitive edge.

According to Wang, Keelung and Kinmen counties were among the poorest-rated municipalities, because information provided by the former showed that employees at shelters never take the dogs out for walks, while shelters in Kinmen confine each animal to a space measuring only 0.21 ping (0.69m2).

Association executive director Ho Tsung-hsun (何宗勳) said that the appraisal was carried out based on information provided by local animal protection agencies.

“We trust that the information we received is truthful, but we will not hesitate to expose any information found to be fraudulent, to fulfill our responsibilities to monitor the government,” Ho said.

Wed, Sep 17, 2014

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