A Taiwanese car company prepares to destroy a endangered wild life habitat in north-west of Taiwan

Yulon Motors has a project in Sanyi, Miaoli country in Taiwan to expand their existing factory due to a raise in productivity. The field they plan to develop is a forest about 78 HA(780000 m2), which contains dozen of endangered Taiwan species and more than one hundred other species . Even though there are other idle industrial areas in Miaoli, Yulon Motors announced that there is no alternative location suitable for their expansion.

Some may argue that most of these species may not be endangered according to the IUCN red list; however, these species are rare to this island. For example: the Taiwan Blue Magpie, Taiwan Hwamei, Swinhoe's Pheasant, Small Indian Civet, Leopard cat and so on. Furthermore, the Taiwan Blue Magpie, Taiwan Hwamei, and Swinhoe’s Pheasant are endemic species of Formosa; they cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Another pressing issue is an alternative development project of Funeral park in Miaoli that excavated a mountain and cut down all the trees, living nothing alive. This 24HA(=240000m2) field was a major Leopard cat habitat. Now, Leopard cats are less than 500 in Taiwan and are in dire need of more conservation.

The first Environmental Assessment Conference regarding Yulon Motor’s development project was held on 2014/4/1. Some participants ,local to the area, expressed their concerns about soil and water conservation due to a previous flood. On the other hand, some of participants projected their hopes towards the Yulon Motor expansion project because of job opportunities for the local residents.

Life Conservationist Association (LCA) was also present at the Environmental Assessment Conference and appealed Yulon Motor’s expansion on the bases to keep the forest intact and save the wild life habitat. We sincerely hope The Forestry Bureau should set this area as a Wildlife Animal Sanctuary.

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