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LCA has held several learning courses for the teachers. We find that many teachers believe that being capable of animal dissection is needed to become a doctor. With this myth and the low popularity of alternatives for animal use in education, it is not surprised that many teachers don’t know they have other choices than using live-animals. That’s why we published “Re-envisioning Animal Use in Education : Alternatives(在教育中看見動物福祉─動物實驗替代方案)” in 2016....more
The Taipei City Animal Protection Office received information from the Council of Agriculture; working together with the National Police Agency found 142 ivory products and 7 hawksbills turtle products on 4 March, all of which were confiscated on the spot due to the violation against the Wildlife Conservation Act.   ...more
Taipei mayor Ko Wen-je yesterday has advocated the theme of this year’s World Wildlife Day on Facebook, claiming that the meaning of the day is to contemplate the relationship between human and the environment, and citing Leonardo DiCaprio's Oscar acceptance speech that “Let us not take this planet for granted.  “...more
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